War on the plains

By farmer
  • The act

    The federal government passed an ct that made the hole Great plains a reservation
  • making boundiers

    The government changed the policy so that each tride had a st area for there tribe
  • Massacre at sand creek

    This was one of the most tragic events it killed around 150 mainly women and children. The natives thought that they were under protection of the US government.
  • Death on Bozeman trail

    After red Cloud had unsuccessfully appealed to the government
    then Crazy horse ambushed captain williams and killed over 80 soilders
  • Laramie treaty

    This is the treaty that made the Soux agree to live next to the Mississippi River. Sittingf Bull didnt ever sign it.
  • War General custer

    There was a war with the Kiowa and the Comanche IndeansWhen greneral Custer found gold in the hills there was a gold rush in the making.
  • Custers Last stand

    This is when Sitting Bull have a vision during a sun dance of a battle. When custer and his menmade it to the Big horn river the Indeans were waiting for them. They killed every man in the 7th cavalry
  • Dawes Act

    This aact broke up reseravtions and gave i quarter to the head of the house hold and 80 acres to each unmarred person.
  • The falling og the Buffalo

    The buffalo went from 65 million in 1800 to 1000 in the 1890