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The life of Elizabeth Bennet - Pride and Prejudice by Mia Burns

By perins
  • Mr Bingley's arrival

    Mr Bingley arrives at Netherfield having bought the house.
  • The Meryton ball

    Darcy insults Elizabeth at the Meryton Ball

    Jane and Mr Bingley attracted to each other

    Militia regiment arrives at Meryton
  • Jane becomes ill

    Jane visits Netherfield and stays back because she falls ill from the cold.
  • Elizabeth visits Jane

    Elizabeth goes to Netherfield to be with Jane
  • Darcy's attraction

    Darcy begins to feel attracted to Elizabeth
  • Mr Collins arrives

    Mr Collins arives at Longbourn
  • The meeting at Meryton

    Jane, Elizabeth, Lydia, Collins, Bingley, Darcy and Wickham meet at Meryton
  • Wickham lies

    Wickham tells lies about Darcy
  • Elizabeth dances with Mr Darcy

    Elizabeth dances with Mr Darcy at the Netherfield ball, her relatives expose themselves
  • Mr Collins proposes

    Mr Collins proposes to Elizabeth, she refuses
  • Charlotte gets engaged

    Charlotte and Collins are engaged to be married
  • Mr Bingley leaves

    Mr Bingley leaves Netherfield for London
  • The Gardiners visit

    Gardiners visit Longbourn for Christmas
  • Jane goes to London

    Jane goes to London with the Gardiners (and the hidden agenda of finding Mr Bingley).
  • Mr Collins and Charlotte leave

    Mr Collins and Charlotte marry and leave for Hunsford; Jane does not meet Bingley in London
  • Elizabeth visits Charlotte

    Elizabeth visits Charlotte at Hunsford, Elizabeth dines at Rosings often
  • Mr Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam arrive

    Mr Darcy and Colonel. Fitzwilliam arrive
  • Mr Darcy proposes

    Elizabeth learns from Fitzilliam about Darcy's interference in Bingley life, Mr Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, she refuses
  • Mr Darcy's letter

    Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter explaining his role in Bingley's and Wickham's affairs
  • Mr Darcy and Elizabeth leave

    Mr Darcy leaves Rosings, Elizabeth goes to London
  • Elizabeth and Jane return

    Elizabeth and Jane return to Longbourn, the militia regiment leaves, Lydia goes with the Forsters
  • Elizabeth visits Derbyshire

    Elizabeth visits Derbyshire with the Gardiners
  • Lydia runs away

    Lydia elopes with Wickham, Mr. Bennet goes to London in search of Lydia
  • Elizabeth meets Georgiana

    Elizabeth visits Pemberley, Darcy arrives, Elizabeth meets Darcy, Georgiana, the Bingleys
  • Mr Darcy and Elizabeth leave

    Jane's letter about Lydia's elopement arrives, Elizabeth leaves for Longbourn after informing Mr Darcy who then leaves for London
  • Mr. Bennet returns

    Mr. Bennet returns to Longbourn, Mr Darcy calls on Mr. Gardiner in London
  • To be married...

    Mr. Gardiner writes to Mr. Bennet that Lydia and Wickham are to be married
  • The marriage

    Lydia and Mr Wickham are married, Lydia and Mr Wickham visit Longbourn
  • A letter

    Elizabeth writes to Mrs. Gardiner asking her for an explanation after Lydia's discloses that Darcy attended her wedding, he then replies.
  • The Wickhams leave

    The Wickhams leaves, Mr Bingley returns to Netherfield
  • Mr Bingley proposes

    Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy call on the Bennets Mr Darcy confesses to Mr Bingley about his interference with Jane Mr Bingley proposes to Jane, they are engaged.
  • Rumours

    Lady Catherine visits Longbourn, Mr Collins writes to Mr. Bennet about the rumour of Elizabeth's engagement to Darcy.
  • Happy ending

    Mr Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, she accepts him Jane and Mr Bingley marry, Elizabeth and Darcy marry. HAPPY ENDING!!!