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Full Police Statements on Valerie Hamilton's death

  • 12:30am- 1:30am Thomas Tavern

    12:30am- 1:30am Thomas Tavern
    Missing person, Valerie Grace Hamilton, last seen at Thomas Street Tavern between the hours of 12:30am and 1:30am. CMPD Homocide Unit and Missing Person Unit are investigating the case. Detective A.L. Hart and Detective Martin are the ones to call.
  • Subject Identified

    Subject Identified
    Information regarding the last person Valerie Grace Hamilton was seen with is released; a light skinned, white male with short, dark hair with some gray in it, clean shaven 5' 10" approximately 165lbs and age being mid to late 30's.
  • Police searched Hamilton's apartment

    Police searched Hamilton's apartment on Sept. 17 and they seized various items, including a computer, a stun gun, straws and an unidentified white powder.
  • A suspect

    A suspect
    Warrants have been filed for the arrest of Michael Neal Harvey for the murder of Valerie Grace Hamilton and Auto theft. LAst seen in a 1996 White Chevy Blazer with a NC tag ZXE-1756
  • Body Recovered

    Body Recovered
    CMPD detectives recover the body of Valerie Grace Hamilton which was found at the mini storage Unit at 4500 Monroe Rd, NC.
  • Suspect Found

    Suspect Found
    11:25am Niagara Falls NY, Michael Neal Harvey was arrested for the murder of Valerie Hamilton by FBI and US Marshals. Detectives from CMPD are en route to New York to interview the suspect and work on the extradition process.
    Other people involved with the arrest: the DEA and Secret Service
  • Results

    CMPD has recieved preliminary results from the Medical Examiners office. The results do not indicate any sign of traditional physical trauma, but they are still awaiting toxicology and sexual assault examination results.
  • Homicide

    The Homocide Unit is now investigating the murder. No video exists at the last known location. Evidence of drug usage was found and witnesses indicated that although she was alive at the tavern, she appeared to need immediate medical attention and the suspect did not seek the medical attention. Detectives believe the suspect made a great effort to conceal Hamilton's death and clean up any potential crime scenes before he disposed of the body.
  • Suspect ignored witness pleas to help chief's daughter, police say

    Michael Neal Harvey told a New York reporter on Tuesday that Valerie Grace Hamilton overdosed on drugs and that he didn't kill her.
  • White powder found in Hamilton's home

    Investigators seized an unidentified white powder and straws when they searched the home of Valerie Grace Hamilton, and found scales at the home of Michael Neal Harvey. In the warrants, police say one of Harvey's roommates told them that Harvey was a known drug user who sold heroin and cocaine. The warrants also say a woman who lived in Harvey's house overdosed on heroin and was hospitalized the same night Hamilton was seen there.
  • Search Warrants

    Warrants say that police searched Hamilton's apartment on Sept. 17. They seized various items, including a computer, a stun gun, straws and an unidentified white powder. When detectives examined Hamilton's cell phone records, they found the last calls made to her phone, at 2:38 and 2:39 a.m. Sept. 15, came from Harvey, a registered sex offender and probationer awaiting trial on drug charges. Detectives seized items including a holster, gun magazines, speed loaders, spoons, a scale and jeans.