CRM Product Team Roadmap - NEW

  • CASAS / Faculty Go-Live for CRM

    Faculty will have the ability to record communications with students in the CRM system. They can easily view what has been recommended to a student using the Success Plan feature. If they believe a student is struggling and should meet with CASAS or another support resource, they can quickly alert retention using the Faculty Survey.
  • Dialer Integration 2.0

  • Banner Advancement Data Conversion

  • Cold Fusion Decomissions

  • Test

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  • KnowledgeBase

  • LUO Admissions and New Enrollment

  • CRM - LUO Consulting

    New Features:
    - Dialer Integration (SER) with CRM and LU Leads.
    - Ability to use CRM and push data to Banner even when Banner is down.
    - Improved documentation of communication with students.
  • Banner Advancement Conversion

  • Estate Planning Database Move Completion

  • Campaign Enterprise Integration

  • LUO Advising

  • Financial Aid Call Cener