Road to the Constitution Katie LeBlanc

  • Quartering Act

    Quartering Act
    The Quarting Act forced the colonists who owned inns and hotels to "quarter" soldiers in thed the colonists a lot. The colonists questioned the legality of this act because it violated the Bill of Rights. More specifically it violated taxation without representation and the keeping of a standing army without the consent of parliament. This angered the colonists. It took away their right of property.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    The Stamp Act created a tax on printed goods. It introduced colonists to direct taxes, taxes added on to the regular price. It was protested with boycotts, which was the colonists refusing to buy printed and British goods. The Stamp Act was also protested withnon-importation, refusing to buy or sell British goods in stores. This was the colonist's first protest of British goods. It took away the right of liberty because they weren't represented.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    Unwelcome British troops in Boston were attacked by about 50 citizens, 5 of whom were shot and killed by the red coats. This obviously made the colonists very angry. It led directly to the governor evacing the army from Boston. It was also used as propaganda because it showed how "horrible" the troops and the King were. It took away the right of Life because they killed people.
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    The Tea Act shipped tea straight to the colonies and sold it cheaper. It was meant to be a good thing,but local merchants felt undercut. Also, political leaders felt that the Act supported new taxes. . The ships just sat in port and rotted, and the crews went on shore and caused trouble. This and the "support" of new taxes led to the Boston Tea Party, an important step to Revolution. The Tea Act violated liberty because they shouldn't be forced to buy tea from them.
  • Intolerable Acts

    Intolerable Acts
    The Intolerable Acts were a series of five acts tat angered the colonists. The two most important were the Boston Port Act and the Justice Act. The Boston Port Act closed Boston Harbor to all ships, no matter what they were doing. The Justice Act was anyone who commited a capitol crime was sent to trial in Britain. These ultimately led to the war. The Intolerable Acts took away especially Liberty because they did not get a fair trial, and the people of Mass. could not have food or trade.