battles of the north during the revolutionary war

  • battle of lexington

    battle of lexington
    the british troops were ordered to take a ammuntion and weapons. on their way to concord paul revere made his mid-night ride warning everyone that "the british are coming". in lexington a force of about 70 militiamen met in the common green, where about 1800 british regulars came to the common telling the men to surrender their weapons then one militiamen fired causing the british troops to fire back. 8 militiamen died another ten were wounded while only one british troop was injured.
  • battle of concord

    battle of concord
    after the battle on the common green in lexington, british troops marched to concord where then the encounted about 3000 militiamen. the british troops fired and began to run back to boston. the militia returned fire and chased the british troops all the way back to boston. 73 british men were killed, 174 wounded, and 26 missing. the americans had 49 killed, 39 wounded, and five missing.
  • FT. Ticonderoga

    FT. Ticonderoga
    The battle of FT.Ticonderoga was a fort based in New york near lake Champlain. The reason for the battle was that forces in boston did no have nearly enough weapons for a siege. FT Ticonderoga held many weapons and about 100 cannons. At dawn on May 11, 85 Americans charged the fort and took it by surprise. no one was killed and the Americans won the battle
  • siege on boston

    siege on boston
    the siege on boston was may 17 to march 17. gen george washington set up 17,000 men around boston and its harbor. after 11 months of this siege the british surrendered and left boston to go back to england.
  • battle of bunker hill

    battle of bunker hill
    the battle of bunker hill as acculally fought on breed's hill. this spot gave a better postion over boston. american troops fortifed the hill over-night then that moring the british attacked. easliy out-numberd by british troops, the american fought off two attempts to take the hill on the third charge american had no ammuntion. the british took the hil at a cost of 268 men killed and another 826 wounded. the americans lost 139 men and 314 wounded.
  • battle of trenton

    battle of trenton
    the battle of trenton when the famous picture of washington crossing the river was pictured. on december 26 whasington crossed the delaware river to trenton with 2,400 men. where the americans took the british troops by surprise and killed 22 wounded 92 and captured 948 out of the 1,400 stationed there.
  • battle of princeton

    battle of princeton
    on a dark night washington decided to move his troops from treton to a town over and take it by surpise. the town was princeton. the americans overran the british troops station there,but the americans could not stay there beacuse or renforcements coming from trenton. the british still lost 60 men killed 150 wounded, and 244 captured. the americans only lost 30 men killed and 75 wounded
  • FT. Ticonderoga

    FT. Ticonderoga
    at FT.ticongderoga american troops raided near the fort. the raid came to an american victory where 300 british trtoops where captured and 100 american POWs were freed
  • battle of brandywine creek

    battle of brandywine creek
    the battle of brandywine creek was fought by the two best generals in the american revolution britian's general howe and america's general george washington. the battle was for a stritigic spot over philadelphia. the british did win this battle with 350 killed, 488 wounded, and 6 captured. the americans had heavy casulties. 900 killed, 800 wounded, and 400 captured.
  • battle of saratoga

    battle of saratoga
    the british tried to take the town of Saratoga in New York. the americns had about 1500 troops stationed there. the attacking british were pushed back and were forced to retreat. the americans lost about 800 men total while the british lost over 1500 men.