World War I

By gavinm
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    Franze Firdinand and his wife were killed by members of the Black Hand while visiting bosnia.
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

    Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia after invading from the north.
  • Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

    German U-boats sank merchant and passenger ships without warning knowing that the U.S would eventually enter the war
  • Germany invades Belgium

    Germany invaded Belgium to get to France even though Belgium was Nuetral in the war,
  • Battle of Tannenburg

    Battle of Tannenburg
    Russians vs, Germany resulting in Russian loss. Russians had first and second army, nearly lost the second army.
  • First battle of Marne

    First battle of Marne
    Allied victory against Germany. Ended the German offencive into France. Started a four year trench war.
  • Battle of Sarikamish

    Battle of Sarikamish
    Russian victory against the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman troops were not prepard for the cold weather.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    RMS Lisitania an ocean liner was torpedoed by a German U-boat. 1198 of 1959 passengers died.
  • Germany ends unrestricted U-boat warfare

    Germany stops thier U-boat attacks in the Atlantic.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    French victory against the Germans. Longest and worst battle of WWI. Quarter of a million deaths. Half a million wounded. Fourty million artillery shells exchanged.
  • Battle of the Jutland

    Battle of the Jutland
    First and only full scale battle of ships. German and British Naval forces fought resulting in German victory
  • HMS Hampshire is sunk

    HMS Hampshire is sunk
    Part of the Royal Navy. Sank by a mine by the U-75. Only 12 men survived.
  • Battle of the Somme

    Battle of the Somme
    Britain and France vs Germans. True victory for either side is hard to determine.
  • Russian Revolution

    Led to the creation of the Soviet Union.
  • US declares War

    US declares War
    U.S. was nuetral but eventually was angered by the Germans and congress declares war.
  • USSR leaves the war

    Russia signs an armistance with Germany, ending the war with Germany
  • German Spring offensive of 1918

    German Spring offensive of 1918
    A series of German attacks along the Western Front during World War I, which marked the deepest advances by either side since 1914.
  • World War 1 Ends

    The war ends in Allied Victory.