By tcobb
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    The First Wave, Agricultural Age

    The first wave was dominant until 1650-1750. The agricultural revolution took thousands of years to play out. "Today, the first wave has virtually subsided. Only a few tiny tribal populations in South America or Papua New Guinea, for example, remain to be remain to be reached by agriculture"(Toffler 1980,13).
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    The Second Wave,Industrial Age

    The Second Wave which consist of the industrial revolution took over 300 years to mature. "Industrialism was more than smokestacks and assesmbly lines. It was rich, many-sided social system that touched every aspect of human life and attacked every feature of the First Wave put the tractor on the farm, the typewriter in the office, the refrigerator in the kitchen. It produced the newspaper and the cinema, the subway and the DC-3"(Tofller 1980,22).
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    The Third Wave, Information Age

    The Third Wave is the Information Age. The new technologies will bring renewable and energy resources. For example, bio-electronics, piezo-electronics, new computer systems which shut everything down for nan seconds between actual activity. Methods of production which make factoriesand assembly lines obsolete.
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    The Fourth Wave, Cyber Age

    Fouth Wave is simply the expansion into outer space; possibly incorporating the rise of the second agricultural revolution to enable settlement off-world, and reclarnation of desolate regions on the Earth.