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History of Robots

  • Karel Capek

    A man named Karel Capek wsa used the word robot in a story called 'Opilek'. In 1920 Capek later wrote a play about the story.
  • Shakey

    In 1969 a robot named Shakey was developed to show machines could move, solve problems and also use sight.
  • Freddy

    In 1973, A scottish robot called Freddy was developed which was able to use sight to find parts and able to assmble them into models.

    A autonomous land vehicle that was in a neural network called ALVINN becomes a car that was able to drive long distances while being controlled by a computer.
  • Robo-Cup

    in 1997, a soccer competition called the Robo-Cup began with interactive robots competing against one another.
  • Commercial Robots

    During 2000, small robots or as they were known then as smart toys or robot pets were being sold worldwide.
  • Mars explorer

    in 2004, NASA sent a space shuttle to Mars with a robot inside with its misson to explore the surface of Mars.