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History of Artificial Intelligence

  • First Electronic Computer

    The first electronic computer was created.
  • commercial stored program

    In 1949, the first commercial, stored program computer was made.
  • Birth of AI

    1950 was considered the year that AI was born. It was known as the ‘Birth of AI’.
  • Logic Theorist

    In 1956, a computer program called the Logic Theorist was developed to mimic the problem solving skills of human beings.
  • Lisp Language

    In 1958, a program called the Lisp language was developed.
  • DoD's advanced research projects

    In 1963, the Department of Defence started its advanced researched projects on A.I’s. these were indented so that the US would stay ahead of other competing nations on the basis of developing better AI technology.

    In 1968, Microworld developed a program called SHRDLU. It was created to solve spatial and logic problems in small subjects, like geometric shapes.
  • Expert System

    In 1970, the first expert system was created. It is mainly a computer program that has stored knowledge that enables it to be more skillful and has more knowledge then most people.

    In 1972, the PROLOG language system was created and revealed to the world.
  • Selling AI software

    In 1986, most AI related software was sold to many US companies. The total sale cost was around 425 million dollars.
  • Chess Master

    In 1991, an AI system was placed against a human chess master to see who would win. The AI ended as the winner of the chess match, showcasing the skill and abilities of an AI in a game of Chess.
  • Desert Storm

    Also in 1991, the military used AI based hardware during the gulf war and was deemed a success.