Pregnancy Development Month by Month

  • Month 1

    . Missed menstrual period
    .Other signs of pregnancy may not yet be noticeable
  • Month 2

    .Breast begin to swell
    .Pressure on the bladder from enlarging uterus results n the need to urinate more frequently
    .Possible nausea ("morning sickness")
    .fatigue is common
  • Month 3

    Breats become firmer and fuller, may ache
    .Nausea fatigue and frequent urnitaion may continue
    .abandomen become slightly larger.The uterus is about
    the size of an orange .
    .Weight gain may total 2-4 pounds (0,9-1.8kg)
  • Month 4

    .abdomen continues to grow slowly
    .Most discomforts of early pregnancy such as morning sickness usually gone
    .Appetite increase
  • Month 5

    .Enlarged abdomen becomes apparent
    .Slight movements felt
    .Increased size may begin to affect posture
  • Month 6

    .Fetal movements sensed as strong as kicks and thunps and bumps.Some may be visible
    .Weight gain by the beginning ogf this month may total 10-12 punds.
  • Month 7

    .increased size may affect posture
  • Month 8

    .Discomfort mY result from increased size backache,leg cramps, shortnesss of the breath and fatigue are common
    .Fetal kicks may distrub the mothers rest
    .At the beginnig of this mouth,weight gain totals about 18-20lbs
  • Month 9

    "Lightening" felt as the fetus drops into the pelvis. Breathing becomes easier. Other discomforts may continue.A total weight gain of 25-35 lbs is typical. False labor pains maybe be experienced.