Pregnancy Development:Month by Month

By syd
  • month 5

    -enlarged abdomen becomes apperent
    -slight fetal movements felt
    -increased size may begin to affect posture
  • month 6

    -fetal movements sensed as strong kicks, thumps, and bumps. Some may be visible
    -weight gain by the beginning of this month may total 10-12 pounds
  • month 7

    -increasd size may affect posture
  • month 8

    -discomfort may result from increased size. Backache, leg cramps, shortness of breath, and fatigue are common
    -fetal kicks may disturb the mothers rest
    -at the beginning of this month, weight gain totals about 18-20 pounds
  • month 9

    (lightnening) felt as the fetus drops into the pelvis.
    -breathing becomes easier
    -other discomforts may continue
    -a total weight gain of 25-35 pounds is typical
    -false labor pains may be experienced
  • Month 1

    missed menstrual period other signs of pregnancy may not yet be noticeable
  • month 2

    -breasts begin to swell
    -pressure on bladder from enlarging uterus results in need to urninate more frequently
    -possible nausea (morning sickness)
    -fatigue is common
  • month 3

    -breasts become firmer and fuller,may ach
    -nausea,fatigue, and frequent urination may continue
    -abdomen becomes slightly larger.The uterus is about the size of an orange
    -weight gain may total 2-4 pounds
  • month 4

    -abdomen continues to grow slowly
    -most discomforts of early pregnancy, such as morning sickness,usually gone
    -appetite increases