Pregnancy Development

  • 1 month.

    When a women first finds out she is pregnant, she is full of joy,confusion,fright and uncertainty. You won't notice much of a difference but you will miss your period and know that your pegnant.
  • 2nd Month.

    Now you will know your pregnant and start to experience nausea.You will then start to get morning sickness and gain a few pounds. Your breasts will start egtting tender and tingle.
  • 3rd Month.

    Now you'll notice that your waist will start to thicken. You begin to start getting tired and moody.Now your uterus is big enough to fill your pelvis and you will feel it in your lower abdomen.
  • 4th month.

    Your Abdomen will continue to grow slowly. Most discomforts of early pregnancy,such as morning sickness,usually gone. Your Appetite will start to increase.
  • 5th Month.

    Enlarged Abdomen becomes apparent. Your baby will start making slight movements. Increased sized may begin to affect posture.
  • 6th Month.

    Fetal Movements sensed as strong kicks,thumps,and bumps. Some may be visiable. Weight gain by the beginning of this month may total to 10-12 lbs.
  • 7th Month.

    Increased size may effect posture.
  • 8th Month.

    Discomfort may result from increased size. Backache, leg cramps,shortness of breath, and fatigue are common. Fetal Kicks may disturb the mother's rest.
  • 9th Month. Final Month.

    "Lightening" felt as the fetus drops into the pelvis. Breathing becomes easier. Other discomforts may continue. A total weight gain of 25-35 lbs is typical. False labor pains may be experienced.