Lost at sea

  • Fishermen saved after crash near Nova Scotia

    Fishermen saved after crash near Nova Scotia
    Forty-seven fishermen of the crews of two schooners which collided and sank 100 miles at sea, were safe in port after rowing open dories toward land for two days and a night. Most of the fishermen were picked up about 20 miles off the Nova Scotia coast.
  • 1959 Escuminac hurricane

    1959 Escuminac hurricane
    The Escuminac Hurricane (or Escuminac Disaster) is the name given for a rare June hurricane which struck Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence on the night of June 19, 1959. The Atlantic hurricane season sunk 22 fishing boats from the port of Escuminac, New Brunswick.
  • 18 fishermen dead

    After returning to Halifax from a fishing trip, Cape Bonnie got grounded in snow storm killing all 18 crew members on-board.
  • 152 castaways rescued by fishermen

    Shrouded in a Newfoundland fog and deep mystery, 152 men, women and children - cold, hungry and dehydrated from being adrift for five days in the foggy, choppy Atlantic Ocean - were rescued by Canadian fishermen from two lifeboats.
  • Spanish fishers rescued off Newfoundland

    Spanish fishers rescued off Newfoundland
    On February 23, 2009, the Canadian Coast Guard rescued 22 Spanish fishermen from a sinking ship engulfed in flames off the coast of Canada's island Newfoundland province. The crew of the 30 metre Monte Galineiro abandoned ship into rafts after a fire broke out onboard about 400km east of St John's, Newfoundland.
  • N.B. island mourns fishermen

    Harold Cossaboom, 45, and Corey Cossaboom, 36, both of White Head Island, set out to fish for scallops aboard the 11-metre vessel Whole Family on February 18, 2010. Although never found, authorities say there's no way Harold Cossaboom and Corey Cossaboom could have survived in the frigid waters.
  • Boat sinks, fisherman drowns

    On May 1, 2010, a 59-year-old man died after a boat sank beneath him and three other men. Local residents identified the deceased as Yvon Boudreau of Cheticamp, father-in-law of Marcel Aucoin, the owner of the Craig & Justin. The 13-metre boat began sinking about three kilometres from the shore of Margaree Harbour. It was submerged 20 minutes after it started taking on water.
  • Missing New Brunswick fishermen found alive

    After their boat developed mechanical problems and they were adrift all night, two New Brunswick fishermen reported missing on the Bay of Chaleur were found alive.
  • Search called off for 4 fishermen missing in the Bay of Fundy

    Search called off for 4 fishermen missing in the Bay of Fundy
    Since September 13, 2010, search crews equipped with night-vision capability and several Canadian Coast Guard vessels have been scouring the waters around the eastern end of the Bay of Fundy into Saint John and St. Martins, N.B. On September 15th, the search for Capt, Leeland White, 25; Bryden Orde, 25; Anthony Orde, 46; and Corey Lebanc, 30, was called off.