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  • The World's First Photo

    The World's First Photo
    During the summer of 1826, Joseph Niepce(an inventor) took the world's first photograph. It took the camera 8 hours! To capture a full image and the photo was an 8"x 6.5" pewter plate. The photo was just of some farm buildings and the sky. Niepce called his work a "Heliograph" -- in a tribute to the power of the Sun.
  • First Photograph of a Person

    First Photograph of a Person
    The first photograph of a person was taken in the year early 1839. by French painter Louis Jacques Daguerre. And the exposure took 10 minutes, it was suppose to take a photograph of a paris street scene from outside his window when a passerby stopped for a shoe shine and became the first photographed person.
  • First Aerial Photo

    First Aerial Photo
    In 1858, the first birds-eye view photo was practiced by french balloonist and photographer Felix Tourmachon over the capital city of France, Paris.
  • First Colour Photo

    First Colour Photo
    James Clerk Maxwell gave the first demonstration of colour photography in London 1861 to the Royal Institution. And it was a photograph of a ribbon.
  • First Action Photographs

    First Action Photographs
    The first action photos were taken by english photographer Eadweard Muybridge capturing animals and human in motion in the year 1878.
  • The First Photo In Space

    The First Photo In Space
    From time to time, the amount of technology was increasing during the 1900's. And in 1946, the first photo was taken in space. It was done by researchers with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, when they strapped in a 35 milimmeter camera to a German rocketship(the V-2 missile) and then launched it into space but the image was still black and white though.
  • The First Survey Of The Night Sky(1949-1956)

    The First Survey Of The Night Sky(1949-1956)
    In 1949, the National Geographic teamed up with the California Institute of Technology to make a seven-year project to make the first photographic map of the Northern Hemisphere's night sky, using a 48-inch camera telescope(Big Schmidt) for the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, which was where the big project was also done in California.
  • The First Magazine to Publish Everything in Colour

    The First Magazine to Publish Everything in Colour
    The first magazine(all in colour) was published in Febuary 1962, and it was a National Geographic magazine and also making the first major American to print out an all-colour issue in the world.
  • First Underwater Colour Photo

    First Underwater Colour Photo
    In 1962, the first underwater colour photo was captured by William Longley and Charles Martin using an Autochrome camera
  • The First Digital Still Camera

    The First Digital Still Camera
    The first digital still camera was comercially introduced in 1991 by Kodak, during that time, these kind of cameras were very expensive, they were also marketed to professional photographers, and used a Nikon F-3 camera body fitted with a digital sensor. Now a days, companies have or making affordable new models of different digital still cameras.