Women's Suffrage Final Timeline

  • Supreme Court

    Protest at a commemoration of the Battle of Lexington. In Myner v. Happerstett the U.S. Supreme Court decides that being a citizen does not guarantee suffrage.
  • Harriet Stanton Blatch

    Harriet Stanton Blatch forms the Equality League of Self Supporting Women. She introduces the English suffragists' tactics of parades, street speakers, and pickets.
  • Women's Suffrage granted.

    Washington (state) grants woman suffrage.
  • March for Suffrage

    California grants woman suffrage. In New York City, 3,000 march for suffrage.
  • Attacked by a mob

    Women's Suffrage parade on the eve of Wilson's inauguration is attacked by a mob. Hundreds of women are injured, no arrests are made. Alaskan Territory grants suffrage.
  • Arrests Begin

    Nearly 500 women are arrested, 168 women serve jail time, some are brutalized by their jailers. North Dakota, Indiana, Nebraska, and Michigan grant presidential suffrage; Arkansas grants primary suffrage. New York, South Dakota, and Oklahoma state constitutions grant suffrage.
  • Released

    The jailed suffragists released from prison the appellate court rules all the arrests were illegal. President Wilson declares support for suffrage. Suffrage Amendment passes U.S. House with two-thirds vote however loses by two votes in the Senate.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th amendment is radifed by Tennessee.
  • Law

    19th amendment becomes a law.
  • Right to vote

    Women gained the vote in 1920 after 72 years
    of the LARGEST civil rights movement
    in the HISTORY of the world.