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The Third Wave

  • Toffler's Three Waves overview

    Toffler's Three Waves overview
    Michael FinleyThe first wave is the age of agriculture and its significance was that people moved away from nomadic wandering and hunting and began to cluster into villages and develop culture.
    The second wave was an expression of machine muscle, the Industrial Revolution that began in the 18th century and gathered steam after America's Civil War.
    The Third Wave was the information age, driven by worldwide demands for individualization and freedom.
    Finley, M. (1985). Alvin Toffler and the Third Wave. SkyPoin
  • Agricultural Age

    Agricultural Age
    The first wave of Toffler's theory was the agrarian age. This replaced the older hunter-gatherer cultures. (1750-1950)
  • Industrial Age

    Industrial Age
    Second Wave is the society during the Industrial Revolution (ca. late 17th century through the mid-20th century). The main components of the Second Wave society are nuclear family, factory-type education system and the corporation. (1750-1950)
  • Information Age

    Information Age
    Third Wave is the post-industrial society. Toffler would also add that since the late 1950s most countries are moving away from a Second Wave Society into what he would call a Third Wave Society. He coined lots of words to describe it and mentions names invented by him (super-industrial society) and other people (1955-2005)