Feminism, Period 2

  • First Women's Rights Convention

    First Women's Rights Convention
    It was held in Seneca Falls, New York. After two days 68 women and 32 men signed a Decleration of Sentiments, which lays out damages and sets the calender for the Women's Rights Movement.
  • Nations Women's RIghts Convention

    Nations Women's RIghts Convention
    In Worcester, Massachusetts the first National Women's Rights Convention was held there. Around 1,000 participants arrived. The conventions continued every year until 1860, excluding the year of 1857.
  • National Woman's Suffrage Association

     National Woman's Suffrage Association
    Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed this association to accomplish voting rights for women.
  • Women's Rights to Vote

    Women's Rights to Vote
    Colorado was the first state for women to recive the right to vote.
  • Divorce

    At this point in time 2/3 of divorce cases were persued by the woman. If it was just a century earlier then the women would have been trapped into their mariges and if they were able to get a divorce then they would have no right to sue.
  • Federal Woman's Suffrage Amendment in the Government

    In 1878 the Woman's Suffrage Amendment was introduced into congress, but not until 1919 was it introduced into the Senate and the House of Representives and then sent to the states for radification.
  • Rosie the Riveters

    Rosie the Riveters
    During the war the government sent out a campaign advertising Rosie the Riveter, she was suppored to encourage women power to get women to work all of the mens jobs while they were away at war. It was a highly effective move on the governments part attracting almost 7 million women workers.
  • Eleanor Roosvelt appointed as chairwoman

    John Kennedy appointed Eleanor Roosvelt as chairwoman after he established the presidents commision on the status of women.
  • First Woman in the Supreme Court

    First Woman in the Supreme Court
    In 1981 Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman in the United States appointed to the US Supreme Court.