10 Major Events Of The Salem Witch Trials

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  • Reverend Daughter Betty, Falls Ill

  • Salem Village Physician Concludes the Girls Are Bewitched

  • Tituba Confessed To Witchcraft

  • Rebecca Nurse Is Accused For Witchcraft By Abigail Williams

  • Warrant Issued For Giles Corey

  • Arrest Warrants Issued For George Jacobs Sr. Sarah Osbourne Dies In Prison

  • Arrest Warrant Issued for Elizabeth Proctor

  • George Jacobs Sr., Martha Carrier, are accused and sentenced to hang.

    George Jacobs Sr., Martha Carrier, George Burroughs, John Willard and John Proctor are pronounced guilty and sentenced to hang.
  • Giles Corey Was Pressed To Death

  • John Proctor Was Hung

  • Period: to

    Salem Witch Trials