1920 s defult

The 1920's

  • The League of Nations

    The League of Nations
    The League of Nations holds its first meeting and accomplishes the rafitification of the Treaty of Versailles, ending the hostilities of the first World War. Although the United States doesnt join.
  • Prohibition

    The Prohibition era began in the United States. The manufacture, transport, sale and consumption of alcohol became illegal. When this law was about to come into effect there were long lines at alcohol distributers as people took their last chance to legally buy alcohol.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    The 19th Amendment was a great victory for women, this amendment gave them the right to vote.
  • St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    St. Valentine's Day Massacre
    The St. Valentine's Dy Massacre was the name given too the murder of 7 people in a conflit between two gangs, the south side Italians and the north side Irish. This gang fight was influnced by the prohibition act.
  • Teapot Dome Scandal

    Teapot Dome Scandal
    Teapot Dome Scandal happened during President Warren G. Harding’s administration. In Wyoming there was an oil reserve called the Teapot Dome, there Taft had set aside petroleum during his presidency. Harding had the petroleum transferred from the US Navy to the Department of Interior where Albert B. Fall, Secretary of Interior, leased without competitive bidding. The Scandal came to a close on Nov. 1, 1929 when Albert fall admited to taking a bribe.
  • Emergecy Quota Act

    Emergecy Quota Act
    The emergency quota act only allowed so many immigrants from certin countries into the United States. when the census was taking in 1920 it showed that nearly 358,000 of Americans were immigrants. They only allowed 3% of some contries into America which was 75% less then previous years.
  • Miss America

    Miss America
    he first Miss America pageant is held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is won by a 16 year old girl from Washington named Margaret Gorman.
  • Womens Birth Control

    Womens Birth Control
    Sanger founded the American Birth Control League in 1921. But on Nov. 10th she was arrested for sending out inaproriate messages.
  • Harding Dies In Office

    Harding Dies In Office
    On this day President Harding dies in office. He had been sick with pneumonia the days before the death but doctors pronounced that his death was due to a stroke. Vice President Coolidge.
  • Hoover Appointed to Fed. Bureau of Investigation

    Hoover Appointed to Fed. Bureau of Investigation
    Hoover practicaly started the FBI. Hoover is credited with building the FBI into what it is today.
  • First Woman In Power

    First Woman In Power
    Nellie Tayloe Ross is inaugurated as the first woman governor of the United States in Wyoming.
  • Scopes Trial

    Scopes Trial
    Scopes Trial first called the State of Tennessee v. Scopes, and the trial was about a school teacher named John Scopes who broke the law and taught the theory of evolution which broke the states Butler’s Law. Scopes was found guilty but the verdict was overturned and he was never punished.
  • Charles Lindbergh Non-Stop Flight

    Charles Lindbergh Non-Stop Flight
    At 7:52 AM Lindbergh took off in the Spirt of St. Louis down a drit strip on Roosevelt Field in New York. He was the first person to go all the way from New York to Paris, non -stop. With him he took 4 sandwhichs, two canteens of water and 451 gallons of gas earning himself $25,000.
  • Mt. Rushmore

    Mt. Rushmore
    The work on Mt. Rushmore began, it took the sculptor Gutzon Borglum 14 years to complete the four faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti are Executed

    Sacco and Vanzetti are Executed
    Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were arrested for the crimes robbery and murder. There was no proof that these two men were guilty, but because they were Itialian's and known anarchist the judge said they were both guilty and were executed.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929 was the most devastating stock market crash in United States History. This wasn’t the Start of the Great Depression but it was something that helped push us into it.