1920-1929 timeline

By zman123
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  • palmier raids

    palmier raids
    more than 500 forin people were deported due to palmer raids. his methods were not accepted by v.s. department of labor who had the responsibility of deportation
  • prohibition

    prohibition made bootlegging and speakeasies much more popular due to the banning of alcahol because people were desporate for alcahol
  • hair dryer

    hair dryer
    the hair dryer was invented, before it women used the exhaust from vacume cleaners but now they dont have to because of the hair dryer it was huge and was held up by stands.
  • Red Sox sold Babe Ruth

    Red Sox sold Babe Ruth
    the red sox sold babe ruth to the yankees on this date in 1921. this is the act that suposidly made the curse to the red sox, wich prevented them from winning the world series for 80 years.
  • albert eistien

    albert eistien
    albert einstien lectures in new yourk about his theory of relitivity
  • battle of the century

    battle of the century
    Jack Dempsy fought Georgus Carpentine Dempsy was american heavyweight champion, and Carpenter was the europien champion dempsy was declared winner after the fourth round knocking out carpenter
  • waterskiing

    ralph samuelson invented waterskiing, after failing witha barrel staves and snow skis. then he used pine wood boards with curved tips made useing applied boiler steam to the wooden boards he used an iorn ring and 100 feet of chord for a toewrope
  • the charelston

    the charelston
    the charelston was invented by the composer/ pianist james p. johnson it was named after the the city charelston it originated in the brodway show runnin wild it became one of the most popular hits of the decade
  • scopes trial

    scopes trial
    John Schopes was arested because he was teaching the theory of evolution tennisee law says it is illegal to teach the theory of evolution to the public John Scopes wat tried and procicuted for the crime he committed
  • charels lindinberg flies

    charels lindinberg flies
    charels lindinberg flies from new york to paris in 33 and a half hours. he flew the spirit of st louis ,traveling 3600 miles.
  • ford model A

    ford model A
    the ford model A is produced in secrecy. production lines shut down and relooted to produce it. It went on sale december 2nd 1929 1.5 million were sold
  • st.valintines day massicure

    st.valintines day massicure
    six gangsters from the Bugs moran mob and another man were gunned down in a chicago garage
  • black tuesday

    black tuesday
    black tuesday... the stock market crashed because items cost more than they were worth people borrowed money to buy overpriced stocks thinkingthey would sell them for a profit but in stead they went bankrupt