C Layer #2 A Separete Peace

  • WW2

    Durning the story World War 2 is taking place, and Gene and Finny want to get drafted. 1-1
  • Walk back through memories

    Walk back through memories
    Gene walks back through his memories. 1-1
  • Went to Stairs

    Went to Stairs
    Gene went to visit the stairs that he dreadfully remembers. 1-11
  • Visits the beach

    Visits the beach
    Gene now visits the beach in his memories. 1-12
  • Miss Dinner

    Miss Dinner
    Gene and Finny find a tree that they jump off of, and they fall in love with the sun set. That causes them to miss dinner. 1-19
  • Jealous of Talking abilities

    Jealous of Talking abilities
    Finny easily talks the Headmaster out of punishment. Gene gets jealous of his easy way out of things with him "hipnotising" the headmaster with his words.2-22/23
  • Pink Shirt

    Pink Shirt
    Finny desides to wear a shirt made of tablecloth to school, and the students call him a fairy.2-24
  • Tie as Belt

    Tie as Belt
    Finny also wears a school issued tie, around his waist as a belt. Mr. Patch-Withers notices that and has a talk with Finny.2-27
  • No Punishment

    No Punishment
    Gene gets mad because Finny doesnt get in trouble, again. Finny talks his way out of punishment for the second time. 2-28
  • Create The SSSSS

    Create The SSSSS
    Gene and Finny create the Super Suicide Sioity of the Summer Section. Then start this club that does crazy things, like jumping off the tree limb. 2-31
  • Genes life is spared

    Genes life is spared
    Genes life is spared, because Finny helped him from falling off the limb of the tree. Gene thinks that Finny is a great bud for saving him, from bracking something.2-32
  • They jump off together

    They jump off together
    Finny and Gene jumpoff of the tree limb together. After becoming good friends and creating a club.2-32
  • Rules

    Gene and Finny make rules for their club. Like, to join you have to jump off of the tree limb. Witch later a person will do!3-34
  • Blitzball

    Finny makes Blitzball, he makes the rules up as he goes. Its like football but with a medicine ball. It later becomes a popular sport at Devon.3-37
  • Good Friend

    Good Friend
    Gene finds that Finny is a good friend. Finny tells Gene but Gene doesnt think that he is a good friend to Finny. Gene is also lost for words as Finny tells Gene.3-48
  • Validictorian

    Gene wants to level out himself so he makes up for not being very althetic. So he studies hard.4-53
  • Finny ruining his studies

    Finny ruining his studies
    Gene thinks that Finnys tring to help Chet win validictorian. So he tries to study even harder.4-53
  • NO more punishment!

    NO more punishment!
    Gene and Finny are off the hook. The Headmaster isnt watching them anymore, because hes tired of dealing with them.4-55
  • LL jumps

    LL jumps
    Leaper, jumps off the limb so he can join the SSSSS. Gene didnt think that he would really do it but he did.4-56/57
  • Gene jumps/turns fearless

    Gene jumps/turns fearless
    Gene jumps, and turns fearless. He is worried about Finny being hurt badly. Finny fell of the tree limb after losing his balance. Gene had never seen him so clumzy.4-60