Ian's timeline

  • Psycho

    Alfred Hitchock's Psycho released.
  • lazers invented

    lazers invented
    The ruby pulse lazer is invented by Theodore Maiman
  • First Person In Space

    First Person In Space
    The Soviets launch the first man in space.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    The berlin wall was completed. it devided berlin into communist and non-communist states.
  • cuban missle crissis

    cuban missle crissis
    Russia built nuclear warheads in cuba, all within striking distance of all of the u.s.
  • Soup Can

    Soup Can
    Andy Warhol shows off his soup can.
  • Martin L King speech

    Martin L King speech
    Martin L King makes his I Have A Dream speech.
  • John Kennedy assasination

    John Kennedy assasination
    JFK was shot while riding on top of a limo in a presidential parade.
  • Beatles

    The Beatles become popular in the U.S
  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali
    Ali becomes heavyweight champion of the world.
  • Vietnam

    The U.S. sends troops to Vietnam
  • New York Blackout

    New York Blackout
    It was caused by a protective wire trip, causing the extra energy to trip others.
  • Star Trek

    Star Trek
    Star trek first airs.
  • Black Panther

    Black Panther
    The Black Panther Party is established, a violent anty-racist party.
  • First Super Bowl

    First Super Bowl
    The first super bowl ends green bay 36, kansas city 14.
  • First Heart Transplant

    First Heart Transplant
    The first Heart transplant was preformed.
  • My Lai Masacre

    My Lai Masacre
    It was a slaughter of around 500 by us soldiers
  • Martin L King Death

    Martin L King Death
    Martin Luther King is assasinated at a train station.
  • Man On The Moon

    Man On The Moon
    Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon.

    It was the precurser to the modern internet