Genocides in the 20th century and 21st Century

  • Period: to

    1880 - 2010

  • Armenian Genocide (1915 - 1917)

    Armenian Genocide (1915 - 1917)
    The Armenian Genocide occured during 1915 and 1917. The Ottaman Empire was responsible for the deportation of 2 million people from their homes. 1.5 million of them which included men, women and children were murdered. 500,000 people were expelled from the Armenian homeland.
  • Holodomor (1932- 1933)

    Holodomor (1932- 1933)
    The Holodomor genocide is known for being the reason behind the murder of about 7 to 10 million Ukranians due to stravation and death by hunger. It was a man made famine led by Joseph Stalin against the Ukrainian peasants.
  • Nanking 1937- 1938

    Nanking 1937- 1938
    In the december of 1937 the Japanese Imperial Military attacked the capital city ofm China which was Nanking and murdered almost 300,000 local chinese people out of the 600,000. Severe atrocities such as murders of women, men, old people and shopkeepers and also burning of properties and raping of women were all carried out during the military inavasion of the Japanese army in Nanking.
  • The Holocaust (1938- 1945)

    The Holocaust (1938- 1945)
    In the Holocaust almost 6000,000 Jews were killed by the Nazi government led by Adolf Hitler. This genocide was the most well planned genocide in entire 20th century. Adolf Hitler had blamed the Jewish people constantly for the Germany's defeat in the OWrld War I and also blamed them for being the reaon of economic hardships that occured in Germany. In the beginning Nazis were ordered to boycott the Jewish shops which later changed the attitude of the Nazi governemnt to eliminate all the Jews.
  • Mao's China (1945 - 1976)

    Mao's China (1945 - 1976)
    In this genocide which took place in China around 50 to 70 million deaths took place. This was the largest number of deaths that ever took place during the 19th century. Almost 20 million people died in this genocide around 1969. In total it almost claimed 49,000,000 to 78,000,000 lives between 1945 to 1976.
  • Pol Pot (Cambodia) (1975- 1979)

    Pol Pot (Cambodia)  (1975- 1979)
    This genocide was caused by the Khmer Rouge a group in Cambodia an Asian country. The leader of Khmer Rouge was Polpot. His intention was to create a Communist pesant farming society which led to the deaths of almost 25 percent of the entire countries population because of starvation and executions and also sometimes due to over work. The total number of death toll in this genocide was 2000,000
  • Rwandan Genocide (1994)

    Rwandan Genocide (1994)
    The genocide in Rwanada an African country started when the president of Rwanada who was a Hutu Mr.Juvenal Habyarimana's plane was shot down above an airport named Kigali with rockets by a Tutsi rebel group which was headed by the current president of Rwanda Mr. Paul Kagame. Almost 800,000 people died in the genocide within just 100 days.
  • Sudan Darfur (2003)

    Sudan Darfur (2003)
    A genocide that took place in the beginning of the 21 st century in Africa was the Sudanese Genocide which took place in 2003 of the Darfur region in Western Sudan. Alomst 6 million people belonging to 100 tribes live there. The cause of the genocide was the ethnic conflict between the Black African farmers and Janjaweed a milita group which belongs to the Nomadic Arab Tribes which is backed by the Sudanese government. There have been almost 400,000 deaths and 25,00,000 people displaced.