History of the Democratic Party

  • Foundation of the Democratic Party

    Foundation of the Democratic Party
    Andrew Jackson founded the Democratic party in 1828.
  • First Convention

     First  Convention
    The Party held its first National Convention in 1832 and nominated President Jackson for his second term.
  • Finding a Name

    Finding a Name
    In 1844, the National Convention simplified the Party's name to the Democratic Party
  • National Committee

    National Committee
    In 1848, the National Convention established the Democratic National Committee, now the longest running political organization in the world.
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Woodrow Wilson
    In 1912, Woodrow Wilson became the first Democratic president of the 20th Century. Wilson led the country through World War I, fought for the League of Nations, established the Federal Reserve Board, and passed the first labor and child welfare laws.
  • Democratic New Deal

    Democratic New Deal
    generation later, Franklin Roosevelt was elected president running on the promise of a New Deal. Roosevelt pulled America out of the Depression by looking beyond the Democratic base and energizing citizens around the belief that their government could actively assist them in times of need
  • Turman's Military

    Turman's Military
    Truman integrated the military and oversaw the reconstruction of Europe by establishing the Marshall Plan and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Truman's leadership paved the way for civil rights leaders who followed.
  • Camelot

    In the 1960s, President John F. Kennedy challenged an optimistic nation to build on its great history. Kennedy proclaimed a New Frontier and dared Americans to put a man on the moon, created the Peace Corps, and negotiated a treaty banning atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons.
  • Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter
    In 1976, Jimmy Carter was elected president, helping to restore the nation's trust in government following the Watergate scandal. Among other things, Carter negotiated the historic Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel.
  • Republican Deficit Repair

    Republican Deficit Repair
    The Deficit Reduction Act of 1993 — passed by both the House and Senate without a single Republican vote — put America on the road to fiscal responsibility and led to the end of perennial budget deficits. Having inherited a $290 billion deficit in 1992, President Clinton's last budget was over $200 billion in surplus. The Clinton/Gore Administration was responsible for reducing unemployment to its lowest level in decades and reducing crime to its lowest levels in a generation
  • Control

    In 1998, Democrats became the first party controlling the White House to gain seats in Congress during the sixth year of a president's term since 1822.
  • Regain Senate

    Regain Senate
    In 2001, Democrats regained control of the Senate under Majority Leader Tom Daschle, while Democrats swept to victory in races all across the country, including races for Virginia Governor and Lt. Governor, New Jersey Governor, and 39 out of 42 major mayoral races including Los Angeles and Houston.