Artifical Intelligence (AI)

  • Konrad Zuse

    Konrad Zuse
    Made Z3, which has been described as a "highly secretive project", it was built for the German government. The machine was fully automated and able to make calculations.
  • Period: to

    AI through time

  • Alan Turing

    Alan Turing
    Alan Turing propsed that computers should be able to learn.
  • Ferranti Mark 1

    The Ferranti Mark 1 was the first commercially available electrical computer. It was made by the University of Manchester and computer coding was written Christopher Strachey, who allowed the computer to play checkers and Dietrich Prinz who allowed it to play chess. Now the computers, are able process data and come out with a intelligent response.
  • Automated theorem proving

    Automated theorem proving, which is a mathematical formula that allows computers to produce automated thinking. It is still the best of its kind and AI need to have the ability to think for themselves.
  • Project MAC

    Project MAC which was run by a team directed by Marvin Minsky, they explored all concepts to do with AI. They were famous for their ground breaking work into the field.
  • Danny Bobrow

    Danny Bobrow's work on communication and langrage with computers led him to the conclusion that computers were able to understand words enough to solve word problems.

    ELIZA, is a program, that has set responses to certain questions, statements or queries.

    It can be described as a "natural language understanding, computer program". The device was able to understand simple English and had limited movement. So the device was used to move blocks around when instructed to.
  • Freddy

    Was a robot arm able to make modals, it could physically recognise objects and put them together
  • first robot car

    The car was able to drive up to 55mph on an empty street. It was designed by a team lead by Ernst Dickmanns.
  • Subsumption architecture

    Where they program robots with layers, so they do multiple things, such as: explore the world and the next layer been avoid objects.
  • TD-Gammon

    TD-Gammon was a program able to play computer backgammon. The program explored playing techniques that people hadn’t thought of. The program could beat all players at the time.
  • robot car VaMP

    The VaMP was the first completely driverless car and was able to go up to 130 mph and drive in heavy traffic. The car was also able to signal when about to turn.
  • RoboCup

    The Robocup was formed, which is a soccer competition for robots.

    It is described as a "humanoid robot created by Honda". It is able to walk as fast as a human and serve tables.
  • Blue Brain Project

    The Blue Brain Project is to try and understand the human brain and transfer it into software, to allow AI to learn and develop.