Artificial Intelligence

  • Alan Turing

    Computer Machinary and Intelligence
  • John Lucas

    Mine Machines and Godel
  • Simon Newell

    GPS: A Program that Simulates Human Thought
  • H.A Simon

    The Shape of Automation for Men and Management
  • Shapiro Wazon

    New horizons in psychology
  • Marvin Minsky

    Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines
  • John McCarthy

    Some philosophical problems from the standpoint of artificial intelligence
  • Hubert Dreyfus

    What Computers Can't Do
  • Sir James Lighthall

    Artificial Intelligence: A General Survey
  • Hans Moravec

    "The Role of Raw Power in Intelligence
  • Simon Newell

    Computer Science as Empirical Inquiry: Symbols and Search
  • Joseph Weizenbaum

    Computer Power and Human Reason
  • Hubert Dryfus

    What Computers Still Can't Do
  • John Searle

    Minds, Brains and Programs
  • G Kolata

    How can computers get common sense
  • Nils Nilsson

    Artificial Intelligence Prepares for 2001
  • John Haugeland

    Artificial Intelligence: The Very Idea
  • Joseph Needham

    Science and Civilization in China
  • George Lakoff

    Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things
  • Hans Moravec

    Mind Children
  • Douglas Lenat

    Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Rodney Brooks

    Elephants Don't Play Chess
  • Daniel Dennet

    Consciousness Explained
  • Hubert Dryfus

    What Computers Still Can't Do
  • Igor Aleksander

    Artificial Neuroconsciousness: An Update
  • Ray Kurzweii

    The Age of Spiritual Machines
  • George Lakoff

    Where Mathematics Comes From: How the Embodied Mind Brings Mathematics into Being
  • Brian Serenko

    Intelligent agents as innovations
  • Ray Kurzweii

    The Singularity is Near
  • Meg Houston Marker

    AI Past, Present, Future
  • Alexander Serenko

    Unplanned effects of intelligent agents on Internet use: Social Informatics approach
  • Njcholas Fearn

    The Latest Answers to the Oldest Questions: A Philosophical Adventure with the World's Greatest Thinkers