Comp Programming TImeline

  • Period: to

    Programming Language

  • Fortran

    Fortran, or Formula Translation was created by John Backus. Intended fornumerical and scientific data. Actually the oldest program that is still used presently. Month/day created unknown
  • Math-matic

    Released by the Rand Corporation and was derived from the "A-0" language. Month/ day unknown.
  • Cobol

    Cobol, or Common Business Oriented Language, was created by the Short Range Committee of the U.S. Department of Defense for business programming. Grace Hopper is recognized as the major contributor to the original COBOl language and as the inventor of compilers. Day created is unknown

    BASIC, or Beginenrs' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, was designed by John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz. It was created as a program to teach programming language. Month/day is unknown
  • Logo

    Created to be a programming language for children and was made by Seymour Papert. Started as a drawing program. Month/day unknown

    Named after Blaise Pascal, a 17th century french mathmetician who pioneered computer condtruction. PASCAL programming language was made to be easy for future programmers to read to encourage them to continue programming, written by Nicklaus Wirth. Exact date unknown. It is known that it was writen in the 19070s, however.
  • C

    Developed by Dennis Ritchie. It is an object oriented program that is good for graphical interfaces. C++ is a superset of C. Month/Day unknown
  • SQL

    Officially pronounced "es-kyu-el", jsut like SQL, but is often referred to as Structured Query Language. Developed by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce as a database computer language designed to managedata in relational database management systems. Month/day unknown
  • C++

    An extension of C programming language. C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. Also an object oriented program. Month/day unknown
  • ADA

    Ada is named for Augusta Ada King, the Countess of Lovelace, the first computer programmer in modern times. It was originally intended to be a unified language for embedded systems. Month/day unknown
  • Visual Basic

    Microsoft released Visual Basic to compete with all the popular programming codes of that era, originally. Now Visual Basic is known to be a relatively easy program since the harder codes to write are already written for you. Thus, it can easily aid you in the building of new and exciting applications. Month/day unknown
  • Java

    Java was created as an alternative to the C++/C programming languages by Sun Microdsystems as an internal project.