• Period: 400 to Sep 2, 1399

    Medieval Period

  • 500


    European Jews worked as merchants, suffered scattered persection
  • 586

    Jerusalem-- 586 B.C.E.

    First Temple in Jerusalem is destroyed by the Babylonians.
  • Sep 2, 1096

    Christian Crusaders 1096-1099

    The 1st Christian Crusaders massacre Jews in Europe & capture Jerusalem
  • Sep 2, 1171

    Blois, Paris

    Jews are falsely accused of committing ritual murder. the adult Jews were executed after refusing to convert to Christianity. Jewish children were forcibly baptized.
  • Sep 2, 1348

    The Black Death 1348-1349

    The Bubonic Plague goes across Europe killing & using Jews as scapegoats for people frying, o find a reason for the terrible scourage.
  • Period: Sep 2, 1400 to

    Renaissance Period

  • Sep 2, 1414

    Cologne, Western Germany

    A town in Western Germany expels all its Jews
  • Sep 2, 1421


    Jews are expeled from Austria
  • Sep 2, 1492


    The rise of middle class in Christian Spain eventually leads to expulsion of Jews.
  • Ukraine

    Greek peasants in Ukraine destroy hundreds of Jewish communities, killing everybody who doesn't accept the cross.
  • Period: to

    Modern Period

  • Russia

    Jews are allowed into Russia, but then tey are confined to a narrow strip of land.
  • France

    Jews are blamed for the collapse in 1889 of the Panama Canal, whose bankruptcey has cost many French investors their savings.
  • KKK

    A new Ku Klux Klan is legally chartered in Georgia. It employs terrorist tactics against blacks, roman catholics, and especially Jews.