U.S. population changes

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    U.S. timeline

  • migration to the cites

    migration to the cites
    People move to the cites for jobs. When the migration happen it brought thousand of factory jobs to the growing cities. Urban areas population is highter than rural population. The Factories moveed to the south the people moved with them.
  • Adding teritory

    Adding teritory
    The goverment gained Texas, California, and much of the southwest from Mexico. They were a huge addition to the population of the U.S. The new teritory gave the U.S. more roam to expland. The U.S. added the people who lived on the land to the census.
  • Women work outside the home

    Women work outside the home
    At first when women got to work outside the home, they were still limited to what they could do. Today they have no limation to what they cana do.Today more women are graduate from collage than men.
  • migration to the sunbelt

    migration to the sunbelt
    People moved to the sunbelt, in serch of warmer place to live. People moved from the northwest and the midwest to the warmer states. Factroies move to the south. When the factories move, so did the people.
  • People live longer

    People live longer
    The 2000 census showed more people were living over 100 years old. This was making population grow because more people weren't dying as soon. For babies are being borned then people are dying. In 1900 only 4% were 65 or older, today 13% are.
  • 5 census facts

    There are more m people multic-racial the US. The population is over 281 million. 75% white, 12.5% Hispanic, 12.3%, 3,6% and 2.4% multi-racial. There are more women than men(51% to 49%). Southern and western states are growing the most. Iowa's poplation grew 5.4% to 2.9 million. (30th)