• Period: to

    the year 1966

  • Sir Robert Menzies resigns

    Sir Robert Menzies resigns
    The Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies resigns after 16 straight years in office. Harold Holt succeeds him
  • beaumont children

    Adelaide: The Beaumont children, Jane, Arnna & Grant disappear from the suburb of Glenelg
  • breathalyzer

    the road saftey act is passed and the breathalyzer is introduced
  • first artificail satelite on the moon

    first artificail satelite on the moon
    soviet artificial satelite lands on the moon
  • Joern Ultzon quitter!

    Joern Utzon quits the construction of the Sydney Opera House
  • USSR

    The USSR launches Luna 10, which will become the first space probe to orbit the moon
  • conscription starts

    Sydney: The first Australian conscripts fly out for Vietnam. Anti-conscription and anti-Vietnam War demonstrators could not get near the RAAF base at Richmond
  • artificial heart

    artificial heart
    An artificial heart is installed in the chest of Marcel DeRudder in a Houston hospital
  • us attack

    us attack
    Fidel Castro announces martial law in Cuba because of possible US attack
  • suspect rights

    suspect rights
    The US Supreme Court rules in the Miranda case that police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them
  • australias encounter with viet cong

    long Tan: Australian troops encounter one of the bloodiest episodes yet with the Viet Cong
  • Aboriginals are employed

    Wave Hill: 200 hundred aborigines employed on the Wave Hill cattle station go on strike claiming a wage of $50 a week
    Darwin: Harry Chan elected first ethnic Chinese mayor
  • Currency is changed

    Australia changes over to decimal currency.