1800s to 2010

  • the 1st photographic image

    joseph nicephore niepce achieves the 1st photographic image
  • the first microphone

    charles wheatstone - reporduces sound in a primitive sound box
  • the 1st electric telegraph

    joseph henry invented the telegraph
  • the morse code

    sammel morse invented the mores code
  • the 1st fax michine

    alexander brian also payents the 1st fax michine
  • the pony express

    the u.s. starts the pony express for mail delivery
  • the typewriter

    american,sholes,the 1st successful and modern typewriter
  • the office copying machine

    thomas edison patents the mimeograph-an copying machine
  • the phonograph

    thomas edison patents the phonograph
  • the gramophone

    emile berliner invents the gramophone a system of recording which could be used over and over again
  • kodak roll film camera

    george eastman patents kodak roll film camera
  • all about the frist telephone

    almon strowger patents the direct dial telephone a automatic telephone exchange
  • the frist elecrical teleagraph line

    sammel morse invents the 1st long distaner electric telegraph line.