american history

By kyra
  • bill of righs adopted

    i put this here because i think it is really important
  • 10 hours a day for childeren under 12 in Massachusetts

    i put this here because i dont think that childeren under 12yrs old shouldnt have to work
  • red river war

    i put this here because the red river war is very important
  • red river war ended

    its important because people need to knwo when it ended
  • Ngo Dinh Diem was born

    since i watched viedos about him then i put when he was born
  • world war one

    this is mostly important because world war one was apart of us
  • world war one ended

    this is important
  • spanish civil war

    wars have to do with the united states
  • world war 2 started

    because it was apart of the united stated
  • world war 2 ended

    we all need to know when the war ended
  • president Kennedy was elected

    we need to know when the president were elected
  • i have a dream speech

    he was apart of alot of things in us history
  • martin luther king jr died

    he died and he shouldnt have he helped the united stated is so many ways
  • battle for Heu

    we had to battel which is important
  • nixon begins bombing cambodia in secret

    nixon didnt have to bomb anything but its important that i put it on here
  • kent state shooting

    this was really important and i watched a viedo about it so i put it on the timeline
  • Nixon resigns as president

    i thought it was important we know when he resigned as president
  • Hitler comes to power Germany

    he had power and that is important to know because he was a president