The 20sydney 20harbour 20bridge

Opening Of The Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Started Construction

    Construction on the project commenced in April of 1923, under the supervision of Bradfield who had been appointed as chief engineer.
  • Steel Cables

    Steel Cables
    The steel cables which were anchoring the two halves were loosened and both sides of the Bridge were lowered to allow them to be bolted into place. The first of two major phases was complete and it was celebrated with a half-day holiday and a bonus of two shillings for the bridge workers
  • Tested

    The Bridge was then tested by 96 steam locomotives in February of 1932, prior to its opening the following month.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Sydney Harbour Bridge
    When the Bridge was finished the arch span covered 503 metres, at 135 metres above sea level. The total length of the Bridge was 1149 metres.
  • Harbour Bridge Opened

    Harbour Bridge Opened
    The Harbour Bridge Opened in front of three-quarters of a million people. It was a day of remarkable celebration, involving a parade of floats and marching bands, fireworks and carnivals, as well as a procession of passenger ships and an aerial display by the Royal Australian Air Force. After the pageant, the public walked across the deck of the Bridge. Songs and poems were written about the proud opening of the Bridge and stamps were printed to commemorate the event
  • Captain Francis de Groot

    Captain Francis de Groot
    New Guard member, Captain Francis de Groot upstaged Premier Lang, who was set to officially open the Bridge, by riding in on horseback and slashing the ribbon with his sword. Premier Lang then had to wait for the ribbon to be retied before he could ceremonially cut the ribbon with his golden scissors. Groot was rushed away by police and later fined £5 for offensive behaviour.