Food and Beverage

By ryan13
  • Jul 23, 1265

    First Carbonated beverage production

    First Carbonated beverage production
    In 1266 in England the production of dandelion and burdock was created. It was a beverage and was discovered to fizz or to be carbonated. still sold to this day
  • Period: Aug 24, 1300 to Aug 24, 1399

    English restaurant

    In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, a group of travelers enjoy a great meal at an inn.
  • Period: to

    Early American Taverns

    As in the Old World, there are plenty of public houses in Colonial America that are popular gathering places for men. Beer is the primary item served, but meals are available
  • First American Restraurant

    First American Restraurant
    Jullien's Restrarator open in boston in 1794 selling food to people around town
  • First Recorded restraurant in Europe

    First Recorded restraurant in Europe
    According the the Guiness book of records, The Sobrino De Botin in Madrid, Spain, Is the oldest true restraurant in existence today.
  • Coffee house opens in New york

    Coffee house opens in New york
    The Tontine Coffee House opens at the corner of Wall and Water streets. Within a few years it becomes the favorite hang-out of the group of speculative investors who later establish the New York Stock Exchange
  • Fine dining in america

    John and Peter Delmonico decide to open a restaurant, offering businessmen a nice, hot meal at lunchtime. For almost an entire century, the Delmonico's restaurants set the standard for fancy dining in the country.
  • First coca cola opens

    First coca cola opens
    Coca cola was opened in 1886 as a medicen and has grown more popular over the days
  • First fast food in america

    First fast food in america
    The very first fast food in america opens in new york call Automat. The Automat was a cafeteria with it's prepared food behind small glass windows and coin opperated slots. The Autumat stay popular through out the 20s and 30s and started doing take out with a slogan of "less work for mom"
  • Nathans opens

    The first Nathans opened in new york
  • first krispy kreme

    first krispy kreme
    the first krispey kreme opened and started selling doenuts to all. opened by vermon rudolph
  • French food in america

    French food in america
    Many french foods and Restraurants were introduced
  • Period: to Jan 1, 1279

    Firat Chinese Restraurant

    The first Restraurant in china was in Kaifeng, China northern capital during the first half of Song dynasty. Tea houses and Taverns were created in order to feed citizens and Military easier and a way for the caterers to creat money