1800-2010 inventions/event

  • Telegraph

    In 1835, American painter Samue Morse made the first working telegraph using an electromagnet. By 1838 he had also developed the system of dots and dashes which enabled complex messages to be sent.By1844 he had raised from congress and th first telegraph line was opened, from Baltimore to Washington. Morse sent the first message! "What hath God wrought?"
  • First call

    Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call on March 10, 1876, in Boston, thorough the Liquid Transmitter he had disigned. He uttered the first the first words to be carried through the wire! "Mr. Watson, come here, I want you!"
  • Radio

    Hienirich Herts detects and produces radio waves.
  • Normal Phone

    In 1906, a radio engineer named Lee de Forest transmitted a message to an experimental phone in a car idling on a New York street! "How do you like your first wireless ride?The fire department, steamships, and railways ought to adopt the same method of communitation." Later he declared!"Hrereafter, we hope it will be possible for business men,even while automobiling,to stay in constant touch."
  • First commercial call

    1912 The first commercial telephine in the UK were made in 1912 when the general post office controlled the telephone network.
  • The fristly computer

    The fristly freely programmbale Z1 computer was invented.It was invented b Kornrad Zuse.
  • walkie talkie

    The SCR-536 weighed 2.3 kilos with batteries. This handheld radio became a World War 2 icon. The battery life was about one day of naormal use.
  • cell phone

    Dr.Martin Cooper created the first prototype of a handhold mobile phone.
  • Marketing Predictions of a phone

    In the early 1800's the consultant McKinsey and Co were hired by AT&T to forecast the mobile market until the end of the millennium. They projected a world market of 900,000.Todat 900,000 handsets are sold every three days.