1810- German, Fredrick Keoniq invents an improved printing press

  • German, Fredrick Keoniq invents an improved printing press

    The printing press uses communication by printing typed papers, or letters.
  • Charles Wheatstone was first person to coin the phrase microphone

    The microphone uses communication when you speak through it and transfer communication louder.
  • American W.A. Burt invents a typewriter

    A typerwriter uses communcation by puting thoughts on to paper.
  • British railroad signal engineer J P Knight invented the first traffic light

    Uses communication by singal and lettting the driver know when to stop, slow down, or go while driving.
  • Thomas Edison patents the mimeograph -an office copying machine

    A Mimeograph (An office machine) uses communication by copying paper so that there's more than one.
  • George Eastman patents kodak roll film camera

    uses communication by capturing a event at that time and saving it on paper which you can keep as a memory.
  • Alman Strowger patents the direct dial telephone or automatic telephone exchange.

    Uses communication by transfering your voice through the phone, which the person on the other line can hear and reply.
  • The first radio receiver, successfully received a radio transmission.

    Uses communication by signaling when weather is bad, transfers information through speaks. Keeps people informed when power is out.
  • Benjamin Holt invents a tractor

    Uses communication by getting someone one place to another.
  • The first recored stop sign was installed in Detroit Michigan by William Phelps

    Uses communication by singaling when to go and not to go.
  • John Logie Baird transmits the first experimental television signal.

    Uses communication by transfering infromation, Commericials.
  • Joesph Begun invents the first tape recorder for broadcasting - First magnetic recording

    Uses communication by recording what was said and saves it so that it can be played over and over.
  • Computer are first sold commercially

    Uses communication by websites, Emails, Chats.
  • Vinton Cerf, Invention of the Internet

    Uses communication with chat rooms, and youtube which accesses videos.
  • Martin Cooper inventor of the cell phone

    Uses communcation by transfering ones voice through the phone to the other end of the phone.
  • DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) invented

    Uses communication by tranfering movies on to the televison set.