History of Communication

  • First Photographic Image

    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce,It helps use to show things with out having to be there.
  • First Microphone

    Charles Wheatstone,It helped to make phones to talk long distance
  • First Telegraph

    Joseph Henry, It helped to communicate long distances
  • Morse Code

    Samuel Morse,Helped to make codes for today
  • Fax Machine

    Alexander Bain,Help to make the modern day fax machine
  • Pony Express

    United States,Help to make modern day mail service
  • Typewrtier

    American, Sholes,Helped make Modern computers
  • Phonograph

    Thomas Edison, Made the modern day awnsering machine
  • Film rolll

    George Eastman,helped make modern day film
  • Telegraphy

    Guglielmo Marconi,Help make modern day wireless
  • First answering machine

    The first answering machines
  • Transmit radio signals

    Guglielmo Marconi,Help make modern day radio
  • First regular comic book

    Help make things like the paper and thing regular
  • Talkin moition picture

    Thomas Edison,Help make modern movies
  • First contential phone call

    Help make long distance calls
  • Radio Tuners

    Help so we dont have to listen to one station
  • First tevision camera

    Helped make cameras today
  • First tape recorder

    Joseph Begun,Help make modern tape recorder
  • Tevlision Broadcast able to be taped

    Help make today's DVR.
  • Schedule Broadcast

    Help to make todays scheduled broadcast more organzied
  • Transister invinted

    Enabling miniturized electiric devices
  • First tv network

    Help create televison networks today
  • Computers are sold commercially

    Help to sell computers last night.
  • Internet

    Help make todays internet faster
  • Hbo started payed tv

    Help make payed tv today
  • Sony Walkman Invtened

    Help maked modern day music players
  • IBM PC sold

    Help make the better computers of today
  • Apple Macintosh

    Help make modern operating systems
  • Celluar Telephones

    Help make modern day sell phones
  • Computers but into public use

    Help make computers more public today