Destroying Avalon

  • Avalon Moves

    Avalon Moves
    Grace Point was all I'd known. What could possibly be fantastic about leaving it and going somehwere new? What about my friends - and the hideous prospect of having to make new ones?
    'No way,' I said, ignoring the tears that were threatening. 'I'm not going. It's not fair. This is my home. You dragged us into the middle of woop-woop and now you think you can shift us back just becayse you want to.' - Pg 13 It really showed the emotion in how Avalon did not want to move from her country home.
  • New School

    New School
    The front office was divided in half by a tall reception counter. There were about five women working behind it at desks and computers. People kept coming and going through several different dorrs, smiling and grumbling. 'Back again - another day, another dollar' and 'Holidays already seem like a memory.' A few of them smiled at me as I waited behind a man who was talking to the office lady. - Pg 21 This really showed how nervous Avalon felt and that it was a different experience for her.
  • Mitch

    The office lady gve me a huge pile of papers and pointed in the direction of my hoom room.
    'Mitch,' she called to the man who was just going out the door, 'can you take Avalon to her home room? She's new.'
    I wanted to die. How embarrasing! - Pg 22 This showed how Avalon felt about suddenly meeting someone who could be major later in the story.
  • Alice

    'Alice, will you take Avalon to class?' I looked over at Alice, who smiled sweetly at Mrs McKenzie. She was the one who'd told Caleb where to go. 'No worries, Miss Mac.' The way she said it made it sound like Miss Smack. 'I'll help Avalon settle in.' I looked at her appreciatively, but she's already lowered her eyes and was whispering into another girl's ear. - Pg 25
  • Sukey & Netball Courts

    Avalon meets Sukey in class, who at break introduces her to Marshall, Tamara and Jemima on the netball courts., who are known as the 'weirdos'.
  • First Text Message

    Avalon gets a text message which makes the start at her new school plummet. It tells her to check out a blogring.
  • The Blog

    Avalon goes to the Westerly blogring, finding horrifying posts about her.
  • Second Day

    Avalon faces the second day at school