Coco chanel pic

Coco Chanel

  • Chanel was born

    Chanel was born in a small city in france.Chanel however did not have a stable family life because when her father left she had to be brought up by her siblings.
  • Coco chanel opens hat shop

    Coco chanel opened a hat shop and called it chanel modes.
  • Chanel lanches a signature jacket

    Chanel launched her signature cardigan jacket, and the following year matched its success with her little black dress. Both items continue to be a staple part of every Chanel collection.
  • Coco chanel rejcts women wearing corsets

    coco makes cothes that are made from jersy
  • Coco chanel gets 1million dollars

    Coco chanel was hired for 1 million dollars by Samuel Goldwin to dress his stars.
  • Coco closed her shops

    In the beggining of world war II chanel closed her shops because she thought this was no time for fashion.
  • Coco chanel makes the first little black dress

    Coco Chanel made the first little black dress and vouge called it the ford of dresses.
  • Coco chanel's bag desighn

    Coco Chanel creatated a classic quilted bag with a chain shoulder strap.
  • Neiman Marcus honors Coco Chanel

    Neiman Marcus honors Coco Chanel as the most influential designer of the 20th century.
  • Chanel dies

    Coco Chanel dies; her last collection opens posthumously to rave reviews.