Edith Cowan

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  • Edith's life commences

    Aug 2, 1861 - Edith Cowan (Edith Dircksey Brown) was born on 2 August, 1861 at Glengary near Geraldton in Western Australia. She was the second child of Kenneth Brown, a pastoralist and tutor Mary Eliza Dircksey.
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    Edith Cowan's lifespan

    Edith Cowan was born on the 2nd august 1861 and sadly died in 1932.
  • Edith Brown and James Cowan got married

    Edith Brown and James Cowan got married
    Edith Brown married James Cowan and they had 5 children. They had 4 daughters and1 son.
  • Edith Cowan had her first child...

    Edith cowan had her first child when she was 21
  • Edith Cowan had her second child

    Edith cowan ha her second child in 1883
  • Edith cowan had her third child

    She had her third child in 1884
  • Edith Cowan had her fouth child

    Edith had 4 children in 5 years,
  • Edith became the best known women for...

    In 1894, Edith Cowan was one of the founders of the Karrakatta Club, which became the centre of a movement for reform, making Edith Cowan the best known woman in Australia the first 30 years of this century.
  • Edith was accepted into the parliment

    Edith was voted by the whole of Western Australia to be th first ever women polition to be accepted into parliment
  • Edith died

    Edith died
    Her death was a tragety for everyone who knew her. she was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, she will lie there being known as Edith Cowan, the first woman selected into parliment.
  • Karrakatta Cemetery

    Edith was buried at Karrakatta Cemetery shortly after her death.
  • Her age now in 2010 would be...

    Edith Cowan would be 149 if she was stil living today.