The teacher tapestry woven in me!

Timeline created by kelmar75
  • The Beginning

    I was born in ND to an air force dad and a mom who was a teacher.
  • School Starts

    Start School in NC where I continued till I graduated!!
  • Period: to

    Played Teacher

    My mom was a teacher. After the Air Force, my dad became a teacher. They liked their jobs. they didn't complain like it seems so many other teachers do in their personal life about their career choice. I grew up playing school almost every day of my life. I had a teaciher desk and a student desk and grade books and workbooks and the whole nine yards. I loved it. I think I always knew I was meant to teach.
  • Middle School

    In middle school, I began to really stress about school. I stayed awake at night, got butterflies at school and felt sick. I thought I wasn't stressing and could not figure out why I would be stressing but I did!! Then I'd stress about stressing and make myself sick. It was a stressful time.

    Mrs. Donna Adams entered my life and changed me forever. I am not even completely sure why she was amazing but she was. She taught English and she was kind and smiled and had such a joy about her. I knew she loved being at work and knew she loved us and I knew she loved literature......and I wanted to be just lIKE her!!!
  • College UNC

    When I started college, I thought I wanted money more than anything so I entered school to become a physical therapist. It didn;t take long for me to know it didn;t feel right. LITERALLY the day I went to my counselor and changed to education everything felt right. That was that- it was all perfect from there.
  • Work and Grad school

    I went straight to work where I student taught and kept going to grad school for a Masters in English and Education. I could have been a career student. I LOVE school. Teaching it, attending it, analyzing it, studying... I love desks and sticky notes and paper clips........I just love anything schooly!!

    I read a book called Jonathan by a local author and teacher. It was the story of a young teacher's experience with a boy in her class that she really didn;t like. She didn;t treat him the way she should have at first but they came to be close in time and she realized she was all he had. It changed her outlook and mine.
  • My child's teacher

    My child and I had an experience with a teacher who obviously and outwardly did not like their job. She was bitter and rude and I saw how she affected my child. I knew I would never let myself become her. I gave her the book Jonathan that had a made a difference in me and hoped it would for her too. She went to another school that year at Christmas.
  • A Child captures My Heart.

    A young lady entered my class, like every other student. I taught her like everyone else. I did not know that I was the :strongest person she ever knew and all she could count on, " in her words. As time progressed I learned her life story. She had experienced things that NO ONE should ever go through- at any age. My husband and I began the fight to get custody of her. IIt happened THIS MAY!! She is now a member of my family!!!