• The Beginning

    Carina Cleas's father is killed by an auror in the ministry after a "wrong place, wrong time" scenario. Carina learns of this and suffers a mental breakdown.
  • First Act

    After reading a DP story on the Minister's fling, Carina stalks her to a restaurant, where she kills and destroys everything and everyone but her, leaving a note for the MoM.
  • Signs of Chaos

    In London, a pub is attacked with one auror inside. The scene will be between one of Carina's men and the auror, with the auror dying from a burn on the left side of his face.
  • Entrapment

    Carina and her men, all wearing gas masks and hoods up, lure a group of aurors to their supposed hiding spot then gas the place with an airborne Draught of Living Death.
  • Destruction

    Carina poses as guest speaker, taking the kids into the Forbiden Forest where her men guard them. One auror is killed by the ministry in order for the kids to live.
  • Admittance

    Carina and her men plan to blow up Diagon Alley, with microscopic bombs place underneath the foundation, unless the Minister admits he is a killer and steps down.
  • Folly

    Carina, by her own need to gloat, goes to see the Minister at his home after he sends out a letter to the DP addressed to her.
  • Folly Pt.2

    Not realizing it is a trap, being mentally unstable, Carina is ambushed by the police. Her men arrive when their matchbooks heat up, and join in the battle.
  • The End

    Carina is defeated at the hands of the Minister and taken to Azkaban along with the men who survived the battle. The Minister takes his spot again, and the chaos is gone.