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  • Coca Cola add

    Coca Cola add
    First coca cola add ever in 1840 there were no cameras so they would paint pictures.
  • Ciggeret add

    Ciggeret add
    Malboro ciggeret add
  • Man soup

    Man soup
    This campbells beef soup was for men only because they didnt want the woman to become as strong as the men. They used to call it "he-man"
  • Bathroom Set

    Bathroom Set
    This snazzy pink tub and pink sink set is all your barbie girl needs.
  • First Portable T.V remote.

    First Portable T.V remote.
    The first portable TV remote "A magic zap that sets your channels to your demand you dont have to get up!" Add
  • Billboards

    Billboards have been used throughout all the years but elctronic enabled ones have been used since 1980
  • T.V Colour Addvertes,

    T.V Colour Addvertes,
    T.V Colour addverte
  • Eggvert

    This is a new and interesting way of advertising by sticking stickers on their eggs they are selling trying to advertise their new rnge of eggs and other groceries.