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US History

  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus discover America

    Columbus discover America
    Who-columbus, King Ferdinand, and Queen Isavella.
    why- he was looking for another way get to Asia to buy Gold and spices.
    What-Becuse of the he discover the New world which was call US.America. than the spanish King and Queen discover North America. They took over the Aztecs Empire. they bring their culture, religion,and rules where now is Mexico.
    SUMMARY- because Columbus discover America now we live in the US. People who live in mexico they speak spanish because columbus bring the spanish.
  • Jamestown

    Who-Engish settlers.
    why-They came to find Gold not to grow food.
    What they did't find gold so they start growing corn and othere food with the Indians help. Because the indians show them go to grow the corn and othere food they give them.
    SUMMARY- JAmestown be come the first permanet Engish settlements. because of them virginia is a great farmer land. now is a different but it was one of the 13 colonys in the time.
  • The first slaves

    The first slaves
    who- spanish army bring the first African slaves to America.
    why-they saled for tabaco, to people who needed somebody to do their work for thems.
    what- since the time African people were slaves, they saled because they were poor and a lower class.
    SUMMARY- African people in the time did't have the same rights like a American people. the people to they were sale to can do with them all he wanted. there was no freedom for them back in the time. not eving the ones who born in here..
  • The pilgrims and the Mayflower compact

    The pilgrims and the Mayflower compact
    WHo-A group of pilgrims and an otheres setlers sailed for Virginia on a ship call Mayflower.
    Why-The ship left them in virginia land,they set up their on government. many people died in the first spring. they give religion to indians people.
    What- the first spring many pilgrims died. the next spring they made the first Thanksgiving dinner.
    SUMMARY- The pilgrims group was a group of people who was trying to made religions missions.they gring the christianity religion.named their settlement plymo
  • independences day

    independences day
    who-thomas jefferson and their political.
    Why- Thomas jefferson diclier the independences to be free from the great britain rulers.
    What- Thanks to Thomas jefferson diclier the independences now US. of America have a great type of life. all people who in here.
    SUMMARY- The independences give to the US. a great change. they made their on type of government,their on rules.Everyone who livein the US have freedom no body tell you what to do.
  • sign the constitution.

    sign the constitution.
    who- the feferalist group.
    why- because the article of independent neededd a new type of government.
    what- thanks to they sigh the constitution we have this type of government.
    SUMMARY- from the constitution come all the government rules. because the poor people and rich people sit in a table and desided what type of government they wanted..
  • Lousiana purchase

    Lousiana purchase
    who-the lousiana government, Frace wanted to claim the lousiana territory.
    why- it was a important movement because all states aroud were in the same trouble. will cost to all.
    what- US. stoped the war making changes in the slaves situation..
    SUMMARY- because the lousiana purchase happened a lot changes in country because everyone had different ideals.
    Jefferson diside to purchase lousiana territory to prevent the france attack. which was good to sollved the problem with new changes.
  • missouri compromise

    missouri compromise
    who-it was between the pro- slaves, and antislaves. north, and south.
    why - because the north did't like to have slaves, and south did like to have.
    what- missouri diside to give some land for pro-slaves, and othere part for antislaves..
    SUMMRY- missouri compromise to give the land, and he did.
    after the states give that land othere States did the same thing, bot all because they though the it was not right to leave the slaves to be free.
  • compromise of 1850

    compromise of 1850
    Who- the North, and the South.
    why-it was made to avoided the civil war, about the free slaves, and pro-slaves.
    what- so the compromise they made, to free slaves they don't have the same rights, but a less the free.
    SUMMARY- still not all slaves were free but alot were, the one the were free went to free states to live a better life. not so good but they got a less freedom.
  • Kansas 1854 ack

    Kansas 1854 ack
    who- the free slaves, and pro- slaves,
    why- it allowed people to vote to deside on their territory. if they wanted the slavery within their border
    what- the people vote some to be antislaves, and otheres to be pro-slaves.
    SUMMARY-not all people were happy with the kind if law so they deside to fight for it.
    the ones who wind was the antislaves because they were trying to do the right thing.
    it did't made all slaves free but, it work ..
  • Dred scott case

    who- Dred scott case,
    why-he was trying to help to othere slaves, and show to people the it so hard to be a slaves.
    what- the supreme court did't let he speak because he was not a citizens of United States.
    SUMMARY- so he did't speak for othere because he was not a citizen. he he writte a book about his life, and how hard it was to be a slave. i think it was a great ideal to writte the book and tell his life in a book.
  • Lincoln president elected

    Lincoln president elected
    Who-Lincoln was elected president.
    Why- because after he wind the civil war was the best person to be come the president of United States of America.
    What- he was a great president, all the time he was a great president..
    SUMMARY-all the time he was president, he looked for the best for the country. untill he was assassinated in April 1865.
    untill today he is a great hero of the United States of America.
  • Reconstruction

    Who-the south Amercica was reconstruction.
    Why-because after the civil war the south was destroyed.
    What-the south people did't like have black people in the same town, and go to the same places.
    SUMMARY- the south created black codes, and maintains inequality. they created to the jim crow laws the created segregation.The white people did't wanted to have nothing to do with the black people, that it why they created different places.
  • Plessy v Ferguson.

    Plessy v Ferguson.
    who-Plessy V, Furgunson.
    why-because he buy a ticket to get in a white people car. it was't legal to get in white people car and, did so he when to court but the court did't do nothing about .
    what- the court did't do nothing to fix the trouble because in the constitution was wrtted the black people can,t get into white people places.
    SUMMARY- all the he did to prube the what they did was ilegal. but was right for white people because the black people were free but consider equal to white peopl
  • Spanish American war

    Spanish American war
    Who Amercia, and spain. puertorico, cuba,philippines,gulm.
    why-because the spanih government have battleships in th USA. terittory. saing the they had boms.
    what-the American army wind the war in the spanish American war.
    SUMMARY- the americna wind the war. USA freedom Cuba,and took control over Fhilippiness, Puerto Rico,Guam in ressollt of the spanish american war.
  • world war 1

    world war 1
    who- the US. army,
    Why-because a Germany submarined come to American territory.
    What-so USA. when to war in the france side to fight with Germany.
    SUMMARY-Germany lost the war because the president wilson created the 14 point to stop the war.
  • US got involved in ww i

    US got involved in ww i
    Who-the USA got involved in the world war l.
    Why-because a Germany submarine was in the US teritory.
    What-the USA went to war in the alies side to fight Germany.
    SUMMARY-so USA wentt to war, and all womans stay at home working for their family.world war 1 was one of the bigest war ever fought in the History. also call the great war, because was so big. as resolted from war 1 womens got their right to voted.
  • Stock market crash

    Stock market crash
    Who-America when into a great depression.
    Why-beceuse was one of the greartesd stock market crash in the United States History.
    What-evrybody who buy stock was affected, losting more money than what the product costed.
    SUMMARY-Stock market crash affect every countryr around the USA, for buyest, and saled products. most people lost every money they got in the banks, inbested in bigs business,Lost their homes, people got cracy about not having money, just in two day everything was gone.
  • pearl harbor

    pearl harbor
    Wh0- the japenese attack the USA.
    why- to get USA into world war ll.
    What-so USA when to world war ll to fight with japon.
    SUMMARY-world war ll it help the USA, to get out the great Depression.with a bictory the USA come out of the world war ll. good ressolted come out from world war ll for USA.
  • Sputnik

    Who-Sputnik was the first satellites in the sppacces.
    Why-because they got the most new tecnology.
    What-so the Soviet Union got in the could war with USA.
    SUMMARY-Sputnik it was the first spaces satellites.
    in the could war was inbolved the Soviet Union war.the war start with Russia Soviet Uion.and USA.