Pablo Picasso

By bmstech
  • Picasso is born.

    Picasso is born.
    Picasso is born in Malaga, Spain.
  • Career takes off.

    Career takes off.
    Picasso finds himself painting pictures at age 12.
  • Picasso's First exhibit.

    Picasso's First exhibit.
    -Els Qyatre Gats, Barcelona
    This is one of Picasso's paintings. It was painted in 1900. It is called Le Blouse Romaine.
  • Galerie Ambroise Weill

    Galerie Ambroise Weill
    This is picasso's self-portrait, it was painted in 1901.
  • Galerie Thannhauser

    Galerie Thannhauser
    This painting is called Compotier, it was painted in 1909.
  • Photo Secession

    Photo Secession
    New York, first time to America.
  • Stafford Gallery

    Stafford Gallery
  • Galerie Rosenburg

    Galerie Rosenburg
    -Still Life
  • Musee d'Art Francais

    Musee d'Art Francais
  • Renou et Colle Galerie

    Renou et Colle Galerie
  • Victoria & Albert Museum

    Victoria & Albert Museum
    New York
  • Saidenburg Gallery

    Saidenburg Gallery
    New York
  • Staatliche Kunstnalle

    Staatliche Kunstnalle
    West Germany
  • Museum of Modern Art

    Museum of Modern Art
    New York
  • Picasso dies.

    Picasso dies.
    His artwork continues on in many shows glabally.