60-69's Brianna and Jorge 6th

  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    They were a hot band that made 100 of alubms
  • falt iroing hair

    falt iroing hair
    The flat iron started in the 60's and came back in the 2000's
  • Big Hair

    Big Hair
    Big hair was in along with the stright look
  • John F Kennedy

    John F Kennedy
    He was the president of part of the 60's untill he got assasinated in Dallas TX.
  • Martain L. King

    Martain L. King
    M.L.K. gave a speech called "I Have A Dream" in Washington D.C he was a good person who was also aginst violence.
  • mini skirt

    mini skirt
    The mini skirt was one fashion that was in at this time.
  • computer Mouse

    computer Mouse
    It was a wooden mouse and only had the left click o right click
  • Portable Calculator

    Portable Calculator
    This year was the first Portable calculater was made