Despereaux Timelines

By mim1027
  • Miggery Sow's mom dies

    Miggery Sow's mom dies
    Miggery Sow is six and her mother dies.
  • Traded

    Miggery is traded by her father for some cigarrettes. a red tablecloth, and a chicken.
  • She sees Royal family

    Miggery is seven and she sees the royal family. Princess Pea also sees Miggery.
  • Roscuro is born

    Roscuro is born in the depths of the dungeon.
  • A mouse is born

    A mouse is born
    Despereaux is born with is eyes open and his ears very large. He is also very different. Later on, he doesn't participate in what the other mice do.
  • The light

    Roscuro nibbles on Gregory's rope and a match is put to his face. From then on, he wants to see fire.
  • The big talk

    The big  talk
    Roscuro talks to Botticelli and Botticelli hypnotizes him to be cruel and torture all the prisoners.
  • The castle

    The castle
    Roscuro goes up to the castle and sees a party. Then the princess spots him and he falls into the queen's soup. The queen dies and the princess gives Roscuro a very mean and dirty look.
  • The new prisoner

    Roscuro see a new prisoner and tortures him. Then he takes the prisoner's blanket.
  • Music

    While Roscuro is planning for revenge, a mouse is hearing music. When Despereaux is listening to the music, he ends up seeing the Princess and her father, the king, and falls in love with her.
  • Summoned

    Despereaux is summoned to the mouse Council. He is taken to the dungeon. There, Despereaux meets Gregory, who is the jail keeper.
  • Freed

    despereaux is freed from the dungeon.
  • The People come

    Miggery is taken to the castle to work after the soup incident. Princess Pea is very sad.
  • Princess Pea is taken away

    Princess Pea is taken away
    Mig and Roscuro take Princess Pea to the dungeon to be given her fate, so Mig can become a princess. Mig ends up losing hope in Roscuro and Despereaux and mig save the princess.
  • Miggery meets Roscuro

    Miggery meets Roscuro
    Roscuro and Miggery meet because Miggery has to deliver food to Gregory in the dungeon.Roscuro tells Mig of a plan he has to "help" her become a "princess", even though he knows she's not going to be one.
  • Tail-be-gone

    Despereaux's tail is cut off by Miggery.
  • Miggery meets her dad

    Mig sees her father again, thanks to Despereaux, and she becomes his princess.