Nazi flag

germany ww2 timeline

  • Period: to

    Pre War and World War Two in Germany

    This is the entire time that my timeline aims to incorporate.
  • Chancellor Hitler

    Chancellor Hitler
    Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor og Germany
  • concentration camp

    concentration camp
    The first concentration camp in germany is formed in Dachau
  • Enabiling bill

    Enabiling bill
    The enabiling bill is passed which would eliminate communist from local German government
  • expansion

    Hitler announces increase in German army, this action went unnoticed by most of the world.
  • A new president

    A new president
    Paul von Hindenburg dies which results in Hitler becoming president while remaining chancellor.
  • Nuremburg Laws

    Throughout 1935 new laws were being instated that would hinder the Jewish people
  • Period: to

    Nuremburg laws

    Laws discriminating against Jews were releashed all year long in 1935.
  • Entry to the Rhineland

    Entry to the Rhineland
    Hitler enters the Rhineland which is a direct violation of the Treaty of versailles.
  • Conscription

    Hitler announces a two year compulsary period of military conscription in order to strengthen and largen his German military.
  • Allies!

    Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler agree to be military allies. This is the start of the opposition of the allied forces
  • Japan and germany come to terms

    Japan and germany come to terms
    Germany and Japan sign a anti-Cominterm pact.
  • Up goes guernica

    Up goes  guernica
    Guernica Spain is bombed by the Luftwaffe
  • Italy joins the pact

    Italy joins the pact
    Italy joins the pact made between germany and Japan making it a 3 nation alliance which would stand must stronger do to the higher number of countries in the alliance.
  • Chancellor, President, and now Commander

    Chancellor, President, and now Commander
    Hitler officially becomes commander of the German Army by replacing Werner von Blomberg.
  • Onwards to Austria

    Onwards to Austria
    Hitler orders German Army into Austria as the imprisoned Germans were not set free after Hitler's request a month earlier.
  • Austria is part of the Reich

    Austria is part of the Reich
    one day after Germany's entry into Austria they are proclaimed as part of the German Reich.
  • Then there were four

    Then there were four
    Spain agrees to join the Anti-Comintern Pact joining Germany, Japan, and Italy.
  • On the move

    On the move
    Hitler orders the mobilization of the German Army, which in turn was another violation of the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler sign the Munich Agreement. This agreement gave Hitler some sort of appeasement however it was far from what he would settle for.
  • Sudentenland

    As outlined in the Munich Agreement Hitler moves the german Army into Sudentenland and puts it under German control.
  • Goebbels plans

    Goebbels plans
    Joseph Goebbels organizes Crystal Night ( 7,500 Jewish shops destroyed and 400 synagogues burnt down).
  • Invasions begin

    Invasions begin
    Hitler orders the German Army to invade Czechoslovakia.
  • Danzig Demands

    Danzig Demands
    Hitler demands control of the free city in Poland known as Danzig.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Nazi-Soviet Pact
    Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin agree to the terms of the Nazi-Soviet Pact which essentially gave Hitler the reigns in controlling all of Europe.
  • Poland is invaded

    Poland is invaded
    Hitler invades Poland in order to take control of the free city of Danzig which he earlier demanded for.
  • France declares war

    France declares war
    France declares war against Germany after the invasion of Poland.
  • Britain declares war

    Britain declares war
    Along with France, Britain also declared war against Germany on September 3rd, 1939
  • Canada enters the war

    Canada enters the war
    After their ally Britain entered the war Canda did aswell one week later.
  • The battle begins

    The battle begins
    The German Army reach the city of Brest-Litovsk on the Polish border with the Soviet Union.
  • Germany welcomes Poland

    Germany welcomes Poland
    Germany formally annexes western Poland into the German Reich.
  • Invasion of Denmark and Norway

    Invasion of Denmark and Norway
    Germany invades both Norway and Denmark on this day in 1940.
  • Period: to

    Germans halt

    Adolf Hitler orders forces in France and Belgium to stop their progress for two days.
  • Germans in Paris

    Germans in Paris
    Another violation of the Treaty of Versailles was committed when Hitler marched his German soldiers into Paris, France.
  • Luftwaffe strong

    Luftwaffe strong
    The Luftwaffe began attacking RAF Fighter Command's aircraft, airfields and installations
  • Still bombing

    Still bombing
    The Luftwaffe carry out a all-night bombing raid on London
  • Yugoslavia falls

    Yugoslavia falls
    Yugoslavia surrenders to the German Army. Giving more land to the german army.
  • Luftwaffe continues

    Luftwaffe continues
    The Luftwaffe destroy the House of Commons in Westminster. In what was a very strog attack aainst London.
  • Kiev falls

    Kiev falls
    The German Army captures Kiev, the Ukrainian capital in the Soviet Union.
  • Ito the heart of the Soviets

    Ito the heart of the Soviets
    The German Army advances on Moscow. Sending the Soviets a message.
  • Britain bombs back

    Britain bombs back
    The Royal Air Force bombs the German city of Nuremberg. Nuremburg was once the sight of the Nazi rallies prior to their coming of power.
  • Stalingrad

    The German Army enters Stalingrad. Hitler ordered for the destruction of this area due only to the nature of ther locations name and how it had " Stalin" in it.
  • Forces start to strengthen

    Forces start to strengthen
    British and US military aircraft begin round-the-clock bombing of Nazi Germany. Along with the increased military power of the allies by the US joining the war, this also shows the tables beginning to turn on Hitler and from this point on he really never was able to re-gain control of the allied forces.
  • The hit on Gemany continues

    The hit on Gemany continues
    The intensive bombing of Berlin by the RAF begins. The British went straight to the heart with these attacks, hitting where the Nazis began.
  • Retaliation

    The Luftwaffe make their heaviest raids on London since May 1941. this attack was most likely the retaliation for earlier attacks on Berlin,
  • Nuremburg is bombed again

    Nuremburg is bombed again
    Allied bombing of Nuremberg Raid. This was the second substantial attack on the German city of Nuremburg.
  • Normandy

    The allied forces planed attacks in Normandy begin and the Allied forces march up the beaches of Normandy.
  • Period: to

    continued control

    Throughout this time period the allied forces continued to control the war. While Germany did lauch a few attacks, the majorty of victory and attacks were gained by the allied forces.
  • showing control

    showing control
    Allied troops enter Nazi Germany. Their ability to enter Germany showed their increasing control in the war.
  • Dachau liberated

    Dachau liberated
    The first ever concentration camp, Dachau is liberated by the ally forces. This can be considered as the allies winning the war because this is when the Germans knew they had lost.
  • Hitler dead

    Hitler dead
    Hitler commits suicide knowing that he has lost the war to th allied forces
  • Nazi surrender

    Nazi surrender
    All military forces in Germany surrender to the Allies.