Hashim reem printmaking

History of Printmaking

By cwatson
  • May 25, 1151

    Spanards make paper in Europe

    First paper made in Europe (Spain), paving the way for Printmaking
  • May 25, 1404

    New artstyle

    ‘Reverse’ form of Printmaking invented, it’s a high quality solution for all printmaking and drawing techniques at the time.
  • May 25, 1418


    Earliest found woodcut, known as ‘Madonna with four virgin saints in a garden’
  • May 25, 1436

    English Stamps

    Printmaking used to make stamps and royal signatures of Henry VI in England.
  • May 25, 1446

    Euro Printmaking Germany

    First modern form of Printmaking artwork made in Germany, known as ‘The Flagellation’
  • 18th century

    Printmaking official recognised as an art form.
  • New group

    Artist known as Birger Sandzen forms the ‘Prairie Printmakers’ group in Kansas, US, this group eventually grows to 75 members.
  • New artist

    The famous artist ‘Frank Stella’ is born in Massachusetts, he has been known to be significant in abstract painting and printmaking.
  • Popularity increase

    Most forms of Printmaking grows in popularity fairly significantly, especially fine printmaking.
  • New Mexico Uni

    New Mexico University opens a full-time probationary position in art history and printmaking, it’s fairly popular at first.
  • Vietnamese

    Art in Vietnam is very traditional, but printmaking is gaining popularity.
  • Around 1000 BC

    First signs of ‘Printmaking’ on stone walls by a culture known as Sumerians.
  • Original modern invention

    Modern Printmaking originally invented in ancient China. It didn’t arrive in Europe until 1500 years later.
  • PNG Exhibition

    A large printmaking exhibition in Papua New Guinea, marking the anniversary of its independence.
  • Late 8th Century

    The Japanese make the first authenticated Printmaking, some people used as Buddhist charms, wood blocks, and some others.